Science and Art

The field of architecture is an interesting mix of science and art. Of course this does apply more to big fancy developments, such as the next exciting building in Dubai. Adding on a new garage might not quite put you in line to win a prize in modern design. However, when looking for Architects in Boksburg, it is still vital that you hire an Architect who understands your vision, and can deliver on their promises. Even if your new garage or alteration doesn’t have any ground-breaking new designs, it is still important that the design is done correctly the first time around.

Finding Architects in Boksburg

Gauteng is notorious for experiencing a wide range of extreme weather. Perhaps the most important weather that you should always consider is that of the typical Highveld thunderstorm. These large and fast downpours create a great deal of storm water. When planning your new extension to your home, it is always a good idea to consider how this storm water will be diverted, and where the exit point on the property will be. Architects in Boksburg should look quite carefully at the existing layout of your property, and any existing storm water channels.

When designing the new garage, or covered patio, or extension to a bedroom, this will increase the surface area of the roof. This will in itself create bigger volumes of rain water which needs to be controlled, and then diverted as quickly as possible.

Many properties have a swimming pool. Architects in Boksburg should consider whether there is any value in diverting this rainfall into the pool, to keep it topped up, or whether it is better to get this rainfall off the property and into storm water drains as quickly as possible. There are numerous pros and cons to both.

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